NAADAC Provider Number #230248

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Certification Board of Georgia, Inc.

ADACBGA CE Provider Number: 2021-10-002

Texas Certification Board

Texas Certification Board – Provider Number: 2082-21


CACCF Certification Board (Canadian Board)

Hello, we know you want great value for your money, and we have it. We have 2 payment options for you, and we are very affordable. You get more education for the price, and we even have Continuing Education Units (most therapists need 40 per year) at a reduced rate.

Pay Monthly $499 USA over 10 months with one course per month so you can go at your leisure.

Pay in Full: Pay $4999 in full to receive a discount and access all your courses upfront.

*Please note the Practicum is additional since it is only required in a few states. ICAM200 and ICAM201. The additional fee for Practicum is $495.00

Substance Abuse Counselor Program

Purchase the entire program for a one-time price of $4999. You get all 10 courses to do at your leisure.

Substance Abuse Counselor Program – Individual Courses

Purchase the program one course at a time for $499.00 each. Allows you to purchase each course as you can afford to.


Practicum is additional since it is only required in a few states. ICAM 200 and ICAM 201.

Purchase it today for $495.00.

Continuing Education

You can purchase these independently or you can buy them in a bundle of 40 CEU or CME for $249.00.

Purchase it today for $249.00.

Working with Clients 5 hours (hands-on training).

Purchase it today for $99.00.