Relapse Prevention Training – 6 Continuing Education Hours – Live by webinar

Our Next Relapse Prevention Training is on March 23rd – 2022, from 9-3 by Zoom.

Cost $125.00

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand 5 Diagrams of addiction/recovery and the stages of relapse
  • Learn and recite 3 signs and symptoms of relapse
  • Understand 5 Reasons why people think they relapse
  • Understand and apply how to avoid relapse
  • Create an action plan for relapse prevention
  • Learn 5 questions to prevent relapse
  • Understand 3 treatment models of recovery
  • Recognize 5 warning signs of a relapse
  • Create and implement an action plan for a relapse prevention strategy
  • Understand a daily recovery plan
  • Understand the terms daily inventory, balance, and justification and how to handle them with clients.