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Online Substance Abuse Counselor Program Designed to Fit Your Schedule

At ICAM we know that you have many different choices for accredited addictions counselor certifications and continuing education requirements. Our expansive training portfolio allows you to take the training you need or the CEUs you need, in the comfort of your own home and on your time. Everything we offer is a self-study option or live online webinars. We even offer the required supervision hours and practicum hours.

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Our Certified Addictions Counselor Training and Education Program will prepare you to have a great rewarding career in an industry that is booming and hiring new certified and trained substance use disorder counselors at a fast pace. Since COVID, the demand for addictions counselors has skyrocketed by over 40% according to SAMSHA. That means the job possibilities are endless, but you must have the training to be able to provide the services. At ICAM, you will be at the forefront of helping others with their drug and alcohol addictions.


NAADAC Provider Number #230248

ADACBGA CE Provider Number: 2021-10-002

Texas Certification Board – Provider Number: 2082-21

CACCF – Canadian Board

Once enrolled in our program, you will receive 445 hours of online self-study education necessary to understand how to counsel clients with addictions in all of the required domains. This is the CORE training that you need to sit for state and providence exams. If you do not need all 445 hours, you can purchase courses individually to fulfill the specific needs of your company, job, state, or providence. We do recommend that you take all of the hours and print the manuals for reference.

Purchase the entire program for a one-time price of $1799. You get all 10 courses to do at your leisure.

  • ICAM100: Understanding Addiction/Treatment Knowledge (an overview) 80 hours
  • ICAM 101: Documentation: 15 hours
  • ICAM 102: Counseling Theories and Techniques: Individual and Group: 80 hours
  • ICAM103: Application to Practice/Professional and Personal Growth: 50 hours
  • ICAM 104: Treatment Planning and Special Populations: 30 hours
  • ICAM 105: Clinical Evaluation: 35 hours
  • ICAM 106: Client, Family and Community Education (includes Domestic Violence, Cultural Diversity Requirements): 50 hours
  • ICAM 107: Ethical, Legal, and Professional Responsibilities: 45 hours
  • ICAM 108: Telehealth 15 hours
  • ICAM 109: Case Management and Referral: 45 hours
  • ICAM 200: Supervised Practicum 45 hours
  • ICAM 201: Supervised Fieldwork Practicum (Internship)

NAADAC Provider Number #230248

NAADAC Provider Number #230248 NAADAC Approved Education Providers offer training and education for those who are seeking to become certified/licensed, for those who want to maintain their certification/license at the state or national level, for those who want to add to their education, and for those from other disciplines who want to learn more about substance use and co-occurring disorders.

Individuals participating in educational programs offered by NAADAC Approved Education Providers are assured that the continuing education (CE) hours provided for each course will be accepted toward national credentialing by the National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals (NCC AP), as well as many of the individual state licensing/certification bodies in the addiction and other helping professions.

The NAADAC Approved Education Provider logo signifies that an organization has voluntarily opened its educational programs to examination by the National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals (NCC AP) for content applicability to state, national, and international certification standards. This rigorous review process ensures that learners receive a consistent, reliable, and quality learning experience that is applicable to their careers and advances their understanding of addiction and co-occurring disorders-related issues.

ADACBGA CE Provider Number: 2021-10-002
Alcohol & Drug Abuse Certification Board of Georgia, Inc.

Texas Certification Board – Provider Number: 2082-21

Texas Certification Board

CACCF – Canadian Board

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