Welcome to ICAM! International Center for Addiction and Mental Health Studies. We are the global provider for addiction and mental health studies, education, accreditation, and continuing education. We know you will want the most comprehensive program and training on the market and we aim to provide that for you.

Our certified substance abuse counselor training program offers students flexibility without compromising academic excellence through a variety of formats and features including a self-paced online format, rolling admission, assistance with the proper state, voluntary or providence boards. We even offer test prep assistance and job boards to boost your career potential.

The ICAM group is a global group of individuals who have embarked on the same journey you are about to embark upon. Our staff are certified, credentialed, and know the ropes when it comes to being a certified addictions counselor. Most boards require a High School diploma, some require a tad more education, and we can provide that here for you.  You can earn the education you need to become a certified substance abuse counselor through our curriculum which is tailored to meet the changing needs of addiction treatment professionals.



NAADAC Provider Number #230248

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Certification Board of Georgia, Inc.

ADACBGA CE Provider Number: 2021-10-002

Texas Certification Board

Texas Certification Board – Provider Number: 2082-21


CACCF Certification Board (Canadian Board)

Online Substance Abuse Counselor Program Designed to Fit Your Schedule

ICAM School of Addiction Studies is designed for working professionals. By taking our classes online, you can complete 280 to 445 educational hours, plus 255 optional supervised practicum hours in as fast as six months. We have the largest, most comprehensive program on the market. Our educational programs meet the needs of each state board, each state voluntary board, and the IC&RC. We recommend that you sit for your state or providence exam and the international exam.

Our Online Program also offers you full flexibility and allows you to go at your own pace. We have an online platform for you to communicate with other students and teachers to get your questions answered in real-time formats.   This learning format is best suited for students that enjoy making their own schedule as they reach short-term goals and who thrive on continued engagement. Each educational class is complete with true-false and multiple-choice questions that you will find on the state, providence, and international board exams to prep you and get you ready to pass the test.

Additional Benefits of Our Substance Abuse Counselor Program

Rolling Admission: We provide a rolling admission atmosphere. Sign up when you are ready and go through each class (or take only the ones you need), when you are ready and go at your own pace. Stop and start at your leisure.  Each class has its own exams built right in and you can take notes, and it is open book, so you learn as you go. You get your scores instantly so you can see where you may need more prep time.

Self-Paced: Whether you’re looking to finish the education that is required to become certified quickly or slowly, it is going at your own pace. Our students have finished in 3 months, and some have taken 14 months. The classes are yours once you are enrolled and you can take as long as you need to learn.

Books and materials are INCLUDED in the price. No hidden fees with us and you can download ALL the materials so you can print them if you want for reference or to highlight as you study.

Accessibility of Faculty: Our faculty have an open-door policy for online students. Not only do they take pride in ensuring coursework is always reviewed in a timely manner, but they’re always willing to answer questions and lend advice. You can also join our online groups to meet other students and chat in real-time.

Price: We are pleased to offer you a per class fee, a monthly billing plan, or a discount for the fee paid in full.

What You’ll Learn at ICAM: school for addiction counselor education

Our finely honed curriculum focuses on an evidence-based addiction education enabling professionals to provide the highest quality counseling to individuals dealing with substance abuse or addiction. Upon completion of our program, you will have the skills and tools to be a well-rounded addictions counselor.

You can apply for your MCAP, CAP, CAC, CAADAC, CADY, NAADAC I, II, ICADC, CADAC, and sit for any state or international boards, a long as you meet their criteria. The first step is educational hours, the second step is hands on practicum and in person internship/hours. We can provide the training via self study and online portals. All of our continuing education classes and CEU hours are online (live via webinar) or live (pending Covid restrictions on actual live classes in person).

Click the link below to see our curriculum and syllabus. We have the most comprehensive program on the market for the same price as other substance abuse counselor training programs AND we offer the supervised practicum directly in the cost of our program. No hidden fees.

Is Our Substance Abuse Counselor Program Right For You?

Our program is designed for aspiring addiction counselors who have a passion to counsel those who are currently suffering from the effects of substance abuse. The perfect candidate for this program has a desire to assist individuals in recovery through identifying behaviors and problems relating to their addictions and then providing support for behavioral change and maintenance of sobriety.  Explore your state’s substance use counselor requirements to see if our program will work for you or contact our Admissions Counselors and they can answer any questions you may have.

With COVID 19, addiction and mental health have increased between 30-40%, according to the CDC. This means the demand for new certified addictions counselors has increased and there is not enough in the current workforce to supply that demand.

What is the addiction counselor pay rate? With a base level education (CAC) it ranges from $28K and up depending on your state, providence, or country. Some top-level addictions counselors make $60-75k per year and in private practice, it is over $100K.

Interested in Becoming a Substance Abuse Counselor?

If you are interested in becoming a certified addictions counselor fill out our form above and an admissions representative will call you to discuss your needs.

Interested in Becoming a Substance Abuse Counselor?

If you are interested in becoming a certified addictions counselor fill out our form above and an admissions representative will call you to discuss your needs.